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YoYo! Welcome to my beloved blog!! ^.^
I am a K-pops freak !! haha !! =X

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Born in 10th April
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(lyk gu zheng, pipa ,drum , xiao ruan)*
hahaz ... lyk dem but duno how to play dem oso miie favourite is piano ... learn 1 yr lez ... but now have quit liaoz ...*
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Friday, 18 April 2008
14th april 2008

dear dairy ,

2dea is a brand new dae ... wd do euu tink ? do iie hv a nice dae 2dae ? iie culd sae nopex ... as 2dae iie hv cca ... n we r goin 2 try dhe costume 4 speech dae wich is on 18th april ... dhe tickets was v expensive ... 1 ticket cost $50 ... wen iie hv put on dhe costume .. everibodi laugh at mii euu wana noe whyiies ? cos iie m 2 fat ... hahaz ... no larhhz ... actuali is dhe costume is too tight ... it was a tight costume n somor is white colour ... haiix ... iie hv cried 2dae cos some of dhe pupils laugh at mii ... 4 truth ... miie cca is chinese dance .. n iie m a chinese dancer ... last yr sec 1 in dhe 1st dae of sch iie been wanting 2 join malay dance as it was miie culture as iie m frm indonesia ... iie lyk dancing ... singing ... play instrument ...

15th april 2008

dear dairy ,

2dae iie ndo not nid 2 go 4 cca as our instructor sae tt we dance quite well n we hv 2 c 4 tml wed rehearsal if nt gd she gona shout at us .. iie hope everi1 doesnt lyk tt rite ? 2dae iie hv cried again ... haiix ... bcos of class matter ... iie reali reali hate tt .. bt no choice dey r miie classmate ... dere is nth iie cn reali do bout it ... miie class mate stil sae tt iie fake cry ... is true tt iie cry lorhhz ... dey doesnt even noe how iie feel n wd was iie tinkin ...

16th april 2008

dear dairy ,

2dae iie was so tired ... iie hv speech dae rehearsal ... n it was gona 2 rehearse till 9pm ... n iie recentli does nt enough slp as iie was quite bz ... 2dae our instructor shout at us ... haiix ... as we does nt use all of our best 2 dance it ... bt most lykli is dhe sec1 ... n dey r jus sec 1 iie tink dere is no nid 2 rush .. dey dance ouk is ouk dde liiaoz ... by dhe wae ... abt 8pm iie cried cos of some 'baka' ppl mak mii cries .... haiix ... do euu tink iie was wastin miie tears again ?! neih mind let drop tis topic ... let continue abt dhe speechdae ... iie cn tel euu tt all other performances r extremeli gd n were doin dier best ...

17th april 2008

dear dairy ,

2dae was so cool ! iie finalli get dhe chance 2 get hm earlier .. 2dae iie accompany miie bro 2 play dhe angels online iie dun reali quite sure abt wd games is tt ... 2dae zr is at miie hse 2 ... b4 tt , ar , desmond , xp , brenda n mii was at kfc ... iie treat zr n desmond ... as dey sae dey doesnt hv money left ... haiix ... iie hv bankrupt as iie was usin miie own money n mother hv stop gvin mii pocket money since mondae .... so tooo bad 4 mii ... hahaz ...